Food Blogging 101

As I’ve never, not once, done a blog, let alone a food blog with intentions to share with my friends, I’ve had to do some exploring! Turns out the “Holy Trinity” of food blogging is:

1. Beautiful Food Photography (No promises)

2. Wonderful Writing (No promises)

3. Solid Recipes (Hopefully you can help fulfill this!)

There are some great sources out there to help with the first point , how to take gorgeous photos of your food (thank you, Google).  The one that I’ve referred to is from Mother Nature Network (MNN). The most beneficial tip I found while practicing some food photos is to use ONLY natural lighting! No camera flashes! This made a HUGE difference! Here is my 1st attempt at food photography, following their guidelines:

Red Pepper Tart


Not professional, by any means, but definitely better than ANY other photo I’ve tried. If you have any interest in taking pictures of the dishes you create, I’d suggest checking out this source! It sure helped me!


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