Welcome to Kitchenchums! If you’re like me, you could spend – dare I say? – hours looking for new recipes to feed yourself or family.  Some recipes turn out great! Others? Well lets just say pictures aren’t always worth a thousand words.

Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday, one of us will be assigned to provide a tried-and-true recipe – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert – it’s your choice! Once the recipe is posted on the blog (which I’ll take care of – you’ll just need to Facebook Message me with the recipe and a picture, if available) each of us can try it out during the week!

If you do try out the recipe during the week, please comment on the Recipe Post with your thoughts. For each review you leave on a dish, your name will be put into a drawing for a Giveaway, which will happen at random. The more dishes you make each month, the greater chance you have of winning a prize!

If you’re interested in participating with this group, please comment on our Facebook Page and I’ll get you on the list!

Happy Kitchening!


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