Quick Monday Tip (on Tuesday)

Hi Everyone Lisa here!  Do you ever have time get away from you and suddenly realize that thing you were suppose to do should have happened yesterday?  That happened to me this week and it is only Tuesday! Oh well, moving on. Today’s tip is about buying fresh fruit.


  • When you go to pick something out take a quick whiff of it, if it doesn’t smell like the fruit you are purchasing most likely it won’t taste much like it either. Of course it is not fool proof but is generally a great indicator for a delicious and tasty choice!
  • This little test does not work particularly great with watermelon so here is another tip for those.  It may sound strange but I know it works, I have seen it in action. (Think water dowsing)
    • Go find a loose broom straw (needs to be real, not plastic/artificial) from the cleaning aisle. Place the straw on the top of the melon, if the straw moves it is an indicator of a juicy fruit, and will usually be delicious as well.

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