Fear not! This recipe is nothing like Snipes! (Am I the only one who thought of that?) SNIVs, which stands for Sausage & Noodles in Vegetables, was provided by Becca. With having butter as the sauce, it’s sure to be delicious! Here’s a bit from Becca:

This recipe was created by my husband when he was a young boy. As a very picky eater, it is one of his favorites! Although it is not the healthiest, it is quick and easy to make!

SNIVS (Sausage & Noodles in Vegetables)


16oz package of Penne Rigate noodles
32oz bag of frozen mixed vegetables
12-14oz Hillshire Farms Beef Smoked Sausage (Blue label- we have found this to be the best tasting with the flavors.)
½-1 Stick of Butter (depending on how buttery you want it)
Salt, Pepper, any other seasonings desired


Cook noodles and vegetables in separate pots. While noodles and vegetables are cooking, cut ½ inch slices from sausage. Then cut each slice into fourths. Warm sausage in fry pan. Brown slightly. When noodles and vegetables are done cooking, drain and combine. Add cooked sausage. Add as much butter as desired, and salt and pepper to taste. A yummy addition is a dash of garlic salt. Mix until butter is melted. Enjoy!


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