Non-Diet (But Weight Loss!) Food Lists


Anyone else a fan of Good Eats? Cutthroat Kitchen? Iron Chef America? Food Network Star? One thing these shows all have in common is Food Network, but more specifically Alton Brown! I quite enjoy Alton Brown as a host for these shows. Not only is he a very witty character, but also a brilliant chef!

In one episode of Good Eats, he shared some balanced eating tips that helped him lose 50 lbs…without “dieting”! Now, I’m not saying I follow these all the time, nor will I start on a regular basis (I love my desserts too much), but they are some really good rules of thumb to keep in mind! Read the article here or here for a more detailed explanation, but here it is at a glance. I’ve also suggested some recipes, all of which are tried and true in my mind!

1. Daily Eats: Fruits, Whole Grains, Leafy Greens, Nuts, and Carrots, (he recommends Green Tea as well…but I don’t 🙂 )

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes
Lunch: Quinoa Patties
Dinner: Rainbow Chicken Salad

2. Foods To Eat 3 Times A Week: Oily Fish, Yogurt, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, and Avocado.

Breakfast: Homemade Yogurt (Never made this myself, but my Mom’s is delicious!) with Granola
Dinner: Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa (I don’t have much experience with Oily Fish, but try substituting with some!)

Side: Guacamole

Side: Parmesan Crusted Sweet Potato Fries

3. Foods To Eat 1 Time A Week: Red Meat, Dessert, and Pasta (again, he recommends Alcohol. That’s not on my list).

Dinner: Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry
Dinner: Spinach and Feta Pasta (Thanks, Sarah! This was delicious!)
Dessert: Pistachio Bundt Cake with Almond Glaze (Great St. Patties Day Dessert!)

Template 3.5 x 6

4. Zero Times A Week: Fast Food, Soda, Processed Meals, Canned Soups and “Diet” Anything

Alternative to Fast Food: Chipotle’s Chicken Burrito Bowl (one of my favorites!)
Alternative to Fast Food: Turkey Burgers
Alternative to Soda: Fruit Infused Water


So basically what it comes down to, is to just eat a smart, balanced diet! What are some of your favorite dishes that fit into these categories?


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