New Ingredient Challenge!

How many times do we walk past unknown ingredients in a grocery store without a second thought? I know for me, I have my shopping list, and I generally stick pretty close to it – which for the most part is a smart move! But how many foods are we passing by without even giving them a try? Just think! There are more than 7,500 varieties of apples worldwide. APPLES! And I’ve probably tried about 7 of them.

Today I decided to buy a mysterious food that I found in the produce section of my grocery store. I’d never tasted this fruit, – let alone heard of it – and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I tried the rambutan fruit, originating in Southeast Asia. What did this mysterious fruit taste like? Well, after Googling how to open the spiny exterior, the white fruit reminded me of a grape. I don’t think I can say I really enjoyed the actual fruit (it honestly reminded me of what I figure the consistency of raw chicken would be like…My SIL, Hannah, described it as brainy), but it was really fun to try something so foreign and new to my palet!  And it only cost me a whopping $1.25 for 3!

So, your challenge? Next time you go to the grocery store, look around and recognize what unfamiliar foods are around you! Pick one, research it at home, and enjoy the experience of exploring the foods of our world!


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